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Vanessa Gomez - Changing Yoga Through Community, Authenticity & Intention

Sydney Underwood and Corie Hammock

May 10, 2023

Hi! Sydney underwood & Corie Hammock here - we are obsessed with all things self love, personal development, mental health, wellness and helping you navigate in those areas in your life to be your best self. We’re best friends who have built a business that promotes self love through online content and our very own clothing line, while still maintaining our everyday lives. We’re here to talk life in your 20’s, unlearning and relearning with age, entrepreneurship, navigating relationships and more.

This week we are joined by a very special guest, our friend Vanessa Gomez! She is the founder and owner of FLOW IN THE CITY a new Urban Yoga studio in downtown Portland. Vanessa shared how she became a yoga instructor, where he vision for FLOW IN THE CITY came from, the importance of community, authenticity and intention within her practice and studio. Vanessa is changing the narrative of yoga within this city and she's absolutely killing it. We hope you enjoy!

If you're interested in taking one of her classes or following her journey, her info will be left below!

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