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What We Offer

For each interest or ability, we got you! Not sure which class is right for you? Hit us up and we'll help you out.

Life going crazy and just need to take time to calm down? This slow flow is for you! Think more stretch and less strength, but we'll still make you work just a lil' bit. Beginner friendly and mad low key.

the word on the street:

" beautiful start to da week ft. an absolutely fire playlist. "

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r&b + chill

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vibe + vinyasa VOL. 1

Get ya foot in the door to a strength based practice with this beginner friendly flow! Build a strong foundation to movement while connecting to your breath and vibin' out to a dope playlist.

the word on the street:

" Challenging but enjoyable. I will be taking this class again. "

vibe + vinyasa VOL. 2

It's like VOL. 1 but we kickin' it up a notch! Keeping the vibes but upping the spice. For those who are looking to meet and push your edge with a more dynamic practice that either focuses on a specific muscle group or leads to a peak pose. Some previous yoga experience recommended.

the word on the street:

" ...the class I needed today. Strong and balanced flow with a great progression and a great playlist. "

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sweat + sip

**A members only offering** This is a unique way to build community with other members of The Sanctuary as we sweat it out together to a 45 minute power flow and then have a glass of a beverage of your choice!

the word on the street:

" It was fun to chat with other members after class. We def earned that drink. "

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